Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's Not Easy Being Me...

It's not easy being me.  No, seriously.  I know you're all shocked to hear that...but it's not easy being me.

Husband is going away for 6 months.  In the interest of my sanity...or so I originally thought...I am headed straight home to the East Coast.  Sounds simple, right?  WOW!  Let me tell is NOT!  I have a few events I have to pack for...I am "groom's-woman" in a wedding, so I have to pack for all the associated hoopla and a charity event over Labour DayHave you noticed that people rarely say "hoopla" anymore?  Tragic, isn't it?  Where was I?

Ohhh...that's right...I was bitching about packing!  Here's what I'm working with:  A small SUV, 2 dogs, and a friend named Angel who is flying to Vegas to road trip cross country with me.  When I jokingly suggested on FB and Twitter that people should start putting bail money aside...another of our friend's responded that if it were anyone other than the 2 of us, she would assume that was a joke.  Hmmm...where to go with, best to leave it alone...she may be right!!!

I will be up and down the coast from NYC...possibly as far north as Florida...spanning from July to January.  

OMG...let me put this on pause...just got an email from DH saying he may not have to go!!!

I'll be back!



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