Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day???

As was expected, this little Princess was all alone on Valentine's Day.  DH took a jet to Ellsworth AFB, where we lived for 4 and half years, and they had too many meetings to make the flight back.  Does this surprise me?  If you are a milspouse...particularly an aviator's are probably laughing right now.  Being alone on a holiday or going stag to a function aren't new to us. We roll with it...we share a finely honed talent for making the best out of a less than ideal situation.

I found a certain humour in the fact that he was alone on Ellsworth during a holiday, as I have spent so many there myself.  Thinking of Ellsworth and my first holidays alone will always remind me of 9/11.  He was at Nellis that morning and I was alone...we were in our first house.  I don't really feel like stirring up all those emotions...not for myself or for anyone else.  It just jumped in my head when I realized that this time, DH was there alone on a holiday.

I asked him to go and take a picture of our first real home...
This is what he sent:

I do not like change.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Things Your Mother Should Have Taught You...

Let's go over a few things that your mother's should have taught you...

Don't judge a book by it's cover.  
Yes, first impressions last a lifetime and you should always present your best self...BUT...everyone has their own personal style and interests...just because ours may differ from theirs, doesn't make either less valid.
Axiom to book/ are not defined by your possessions.  

It is vulgar to discuss money.
Whether it's how much you have or how much you need, it's not for public consumption.  Sharing shopping tips or bargains?  Fantastic!  Have at it!  Our friends and family can be our greatest resource when it comes to ideas about home-keeping, style, investments, new products, etc.  That said, broadcasting how much you do or don't have in the bank?  What will it accomplish?  Making others jealous or making others pity you?  Nothing good can come of it.  Keep it to yourself.

There is a difference between Money and Power.
Just this once, I'll break the rule about talking about money as this is a matter of public record...let's consider a few salaries...just to be clear...
President of the United States:  $400,000 per year
Chief Justice, US Supreme Court:  $223,500 per year
Tim Allen:  $225,000 per episode
Ashton Kutcher (highest paid television actor):  $700,000 per episode
Pope:  $0
Queen of England:  £32.1m last year
Prime Minister of the UK:  £142,500 per year
Enough said.

I hope this clears up any lessons from Mom on which some people made need a refresher.  Feel free to let me know if I've left anything out that bears repeating and/or explanation.  I'm here to help.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

As most of you know, regardless of my feelings about a particular administration, I will NEVER speak out, publicly, against them.  I have the utmost respect for our Nation, our Constitution, and the Office of the President of the United States of America.  That said, just like anyone else, I have my favourite.  And again, as most people know, my all time favourite, the President that every other President should strive to RONALD REAGAN.
Today would have been his 101 birthday.  In, what I considered to be a shocking turn of events, on 28 July 2010, California officially dedicated 6 February as "Ronald Reagan Day"!  It is now my favourite holiday and I am of the opinion, and I know you will be utterly flabbergasted...I do, in fact, expect prezzies.  I know...someone could knock you over with the feather that I would expect prezzies on a holiday...but that's how I roll!  (Yes, I am aware that I can not pull off the phrase, "That's how I roll.")
Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@PrincssPrepPink) or are Facebook friends know that I spend the week sharing my favourite Ronnie quotes.  I also wear a T-shirt with a picture of my beloved Ronnie and the phrase, "Sometimes the world needs a cowboy."  There are so many things blog-worthy about him...but I have chosen to share how he touched my life, personally.
Let me preface this by saying, I shall NOT be mentioning my age at the time...but on 19 June 1986, Ronald Reagan become the first sitting POTUS to give a high school Commencement Address.
Whilst it wasn't my graduation, I was not in the auditorium to witness his speech first hand, only through the loud speakers set up outside. That said, I was lucky enough to be right up front as Marine Corps One land on the athletic fields and he made his remarks outside the school preceding the graduation ceremony.  To this day, I swear we made eye felt as if he was speaking to me, personally.  I'm sure most people who have been in his presence at some point felt the same way.  He truly was the Great Communicator.  And though most people FEEL that way...I KNOW we made eye contact...I KNOW he was speaking to me.  The voices in my head agree. 
That was the day I fell in love.  Ronald Reagan is one of my heros...and I assure you it is a very short list!!!  The world was a better place for having him in it...and his passing was part of the end of an era in which America had a breed of cowboy that defined us.  Thank you, President Reagan.  Thank you, John Wayne.  Long live Clint Eastwood...