Wednesday, June 27, 2012


We have a winner for the gorgeous Pink Monogram necklace!!!  

Emily at Live, Laugh,'s all yours!!!

For those who didn't win, don't worry...there are more giveaways on the way...and in the meantime...Pink Monogram is always open for a little shopping!



Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beyond Fabulous, Summer Kick-Off, Pink Monogram Giveaway!!!

If you have read my blog in the past, you know that I have a serious monogram addiction...if you haven't read my blog in the past, what's wrong with you?  I mean, Welcome...glad you could join us!  You may also know that my sponsor, the amazing and generous Pink Monogram, is one of my favourite places to feed my addiction. (Often to my husband's and credit card's dismay.)

The lovely Monica at Pink Monogram not only sponsors my blog...and provides, a few times a year, a brilliant item for me to review and one of my lucky readers to win...but also steps up with a wonderful and generous item for me to review for you and be bid on at the Queen of Hearts Aloha Fundraiser on Labour Day weekend!!!  It's a charity dear to my heart and her support is truly just amazing and generous...there are no other words!  But that, my friends, is not until Labour enough about that.

She has provided me with an unbelievable item to review and giveaway to kick off summer!!!  With tomorrow being the first official day of summer, we kiss most of our monogrammed sweaters adieu...sigh.  Sure, we have our monogrammed towels and home goods...but, and I don't know about you, I feel naked without a monogram.  The Pink Monogram is solving that problem for one of my lucky readers!  What shows off a summer tan better than a necklace that gives a girl a bit of a glow?  I'll tell you what...a MONOGRAMMED NECKLACE!!!  The pictures do not do this necklace justice.  It's even better in person!

Let me see if I can sum up what I'm trying to say here...
Now to the rules for this giveaway.  
One entry each for:
1:  Follow Pink Monogram on Twitter
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8:  Post your favourite Pink Monogram item on the Pink Monogram Facebook Page

A winner will be drawn at random on 26 July...GOOD LUCK!
For those of you who don't win...fear not!!!  The Pink Monogram will be more than happy to sell you one!!! 


Friday, June 8, 2012

You Need to Read This

I originally posted this as a facebook status...but I feel like that's not enough.  People need to be aware...
"Time for a little reality check:
Statistically, there are 10 suicide attempts for every 1 suicide.
Our servicemen are committing suicide at the rate of nearly 1 per day.
That's about 70 servicemen attempting suicide per week.
How many is enough?
Meanwhile, in Post-Cold War news, Putin has provided free travel for Russians with Euro 2012 tickets.
Just something to think about..."
Last night, DH read an article that said our servicemen are killing themselves at a rate of nearly one a day.  I was mortified!  So today, I did a little research on the matter and I thought I'd share.  The estimates I have provided are on the conservative side and are the highest in history to include Vietnam.
Then I was minding my own business (read:  screaming at my TV) watching the Czech v Russia match of Euro 2012.  I thought surely I'd been mistaken about what I had just heard...Russia...the FORMER Super Power was providing free travel to all it's citizens with match tickets?!?  Sure enough...a little research and it's true.
Make of this what you will...all I know is, my beloved Ronald Reagan is not resting in peace today.

Monday, June 4, 2012


First, my I say, I'm terribly sorry for having been missing lately...I've been adjusting to...not 1, but 2 new meds.  I don't know about you, but I LOVE medicines that were created for something else and then suddenly the medical community realizes...whoopsie!  For example...did you know that Viagra was created for pulmonary hypertension.  Isn't that FANTASTIC?!?  I LOVE it!!!  One of my meds was created to ward off/treat MALARIA!!!  That's right people, you can get malaria and I can't!  Jealous much?  You are...don't lie.

I ADORE my rheumatologist.  He is a fantastic doctor, really listens, and you can tell he absolutely has his patients best interests at heart.  This is probably why I always have to wait for at least an hour for my appointment...Grrrrr.  BUT...the minute I see him, the rage brought on be the waiting dissipates.  You see...this amazing doctor is a Sikh.  For those who don't know, Sikh's wear turbans.  My rheumatologist doesn't just wear a turban...he WORKS a turban.  It is soooo awesome!!!  He coordinates his entire ensemble...even his socks!!!  I LOVE this man!!!

BUT...he wants to add a new med to my cocktail.  He thinks its time to add one of a group of meds called "Biologics."  Maybe it's just me...but that just SCREAMS cooties!  The fact is, they are similar to vaccines.  They are a group of medications made by biological, rather than chemical means.  In theory, that should be a good thing, right?  When I shop for groceries, I always go with the most natural choices and organics.  So it would seem to follow that I would feel the same way about medications...right?  WRONG!!!!

First of all, they are administered by either needle or infusion.  I may or may not have shared this with you in the past...but I have a violent, pathological, terrifying needle phobia.  Lots of people dislike needles...but that is sooo not even close.  Just writing this, my heart is racing, I'm starting to sweat, see double, my heart is racing and there is xanax in my immediate future.  As a matter of fact...wait one...

Ok...let's hope that helps.  You have understand...when I say violent, I MEAN violent.  Sure there is the sweating and crying and nervous breakdown.  But then comes the biting, kicking, punching, scratching...somebody gets their blood drawn...know what I mean?  DH and I have developed a system.  It involves copious amounts of xanax, calling ahead to the lab, specific instructions to the phlebotomist or NOT say what you're doing, occasional additional techs to hold me down, and DH with a trashy magazine on the other side distracting me...and then taking me home and pouring me into bed as he heads off to work.

But that's the least of my issues with these Biologics.  They are, " living entities such as cells and tissues. Biologics are isolated from a variety of natural sources — human, animal, or microorganism."  What about that does not positively SCREAM COOTIES?!?!?!?!  If you consider having a lovely pineapple that is, in fact, a pump bottle full of anti-bacterial gel in my foyer in by collection of pineapples on my foyer table for EVERYONE that comes into my home a germophobe...then I suppose I'm guilty.  I also carry every conceivable  type of wipe in all my bags, antibac gel...and I can't lie...a small lysol or alcohol (or both) in my bag for public rest rooms...if you consider that a germophobe...guilty!

So you can imagine what the idea of a needle or infusion of COOTIES is putting right over the edge.  I do not want needles...but needles full of cooties?!?!?  

Kill me now.