Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Marley Lilly Giveaway!!!

The time has come...


I spent Easter weekend with family and some loot ordered from Marley Lilly and am super pleased to share my favourite monogrammed floppy, derby, hat (or any other hat)...FREE...from Marley Lilly...with one of YOU...just in time for Mother's Day!!!

Not only did I keep from getting Marley Lilly hat matched both my Lilly Pulitzer outfit AND my Cotton Candy!!!
My after DisneyLand Perrier, stainless steel straw, Dooney & Bourke Disney Handbag...all dressed up with Marley Lilly!!!

I think one of my all-time favourite new goodies would have to be my Marley Lilly Market Basket!

Where to even begin?  I can honestly say it makes everything from delivering Meals to shopping easier...not to mention cleaner and prettier!!!  It's absolutely BOTTOMLESS and you needn't touch those germy, dirty baskets when you pop into the store for a few items!  

AND it folds up nice and flat to store in the back of the car whilst waiting for you to need it!  But I think the best thing of all...for me, anyway... the way the canvas velcros around the handles where they meet!  Rather than fumbling with the two metal handles...which often make it impossible for me to use the baskets at the market and other stores...because of my RA and Reynaud's...this is a GODSEND!!!

So, without further's the Marley Lilly Giveaway:

The winner will receive any hat, of their choice, on

Here's how to enter:
1 entry for following my blog
1 entry for becoming a fan of Marley Lilly on Facebook
1 entry for posting in your Facebook status
1 entry for tweeting about this giveaway
1 entry for blogging about this giveaway
Please use a separate comment for each entry for a possible total of 5 entries.  The winner will be randomly selected on Mother's Day, May 8, 2011!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My iPhone

I am currently on my second iPhone, and make no mistake, I have been in love with them ever since my first day with my first iPhone.  It was a 3G.  By the time I found out that Lilly Pulitzer was coming out with cases for the iPhone 3G and 3GS, my 4G was on order.  Alas, Lilly was not yet offering 4G covers.  So I waited...and waited...and waited...
And then...finally...

Lilly Pulitzer came out with iPhone 4G covers...and here's "Hotty Pink Bloomers"!  Hooray!!!  I was thrilled!  I thought surely my phone couldn't get any cuter!

Until today...

Enter Danielle...

The woman is a genius!  I don't know how she did it, but I know I couldn't have.  Let's put it this way, at no point will I how long it took me to figure out how to put pictures in this post!  She made me a home screen for my phone to match my Lilly cover!!!

Could you die?!?  I now, officially, have the cutest phone in the history of phones!!!  You can follow @shopdandy on Twitter and if you say please, I'll bet she might just make one of these screens for you, too!  While you're at it, check out her blog!  She's having a huge giveaway...$180 in gift cards!  Definitely not a giveaway, or a blog, to be missed!
Thanks again, Danielle!  Enjoy, all!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dear Alanis, THIS is IRONIC!

So it's Saturday morning and Husband and I want donuts.  We live in the middle of nowhere and have no restaurants of which to speak, save a small donut shop that makes the most delicious donuts I have ever tasted.  They're so good that we've come to learn that this place is famous...people come from hundreds of miles for these chocolate frosted pillows of heaven!  This may not be as significant as it sounds as we're 100 miles from the closest real population center.  Nevertheless, pillows of heaven?  Not an overstatement.  Yes, empty calories, loads of sugar, and on and on...well, my friends, it's worse than you think!
You see, this donut shop seems to have a bit of difficulty maintaining the standards of cleanliness the health department deems sufficient.  Quite a while ago their inspection rating was lowered from an "A" to a "B".  Call me crazy, but I simply did not need a donut that bad!  There were going to be no "B" donuts for this girl, thank you very much!  I showed them!  They got their "A" rating back, and all was right with the world again...Donuts for everyone! is sweet!
As it happens, I don't keep track of the health dept rating of the donut shop, or anywhere else for that matter, because really?  When does this come up?  And surely, if you lose your "A" rating once you're never going to let that happen again...right?  I guess not.  Because Husband was greeted, this lovely Saturday morning, that seemed so full of promise, with a big, health department "B" prominently displayed in the front window of the donut shop when he got there.  Being the wise man that he is, he not only knew better than to buy "B" donuts, but he thought better of coming home empty handed.
There is another donut shop in we had never tried...there had never been a need.  Why mess with perfection?  But, craving donuts, and left no other options, Husband braved this other place and came home with a bag...instead of the positively adorable pink bakery box from the "B" shop...of donuts, from the OTHER shop.  He brought me my coffee and a donut (isn't Husband a love?) and told me the sad, sad story of the "B" rating whilst we ate our, mediocre at best, donuts.  Pillows of heaven, these were not.  
But...It doesn't end there.  Oh no, mere disappointment wouldn't be nearly enough!  Why stop at disappoint when you can push through to torture?  And so, time passed.  We had each finished our donut and I was starting my second cup of coffee...and something...was...wrong.  And Husband was starting to look a bit green around the gills.  And something was...REALLY wrong.  And then the nausea came...for us BOTH!!!  All DAY and a good bit of Sunday for me, tho he perked up a little more quickly than I...
Yes, have read correctly.  So let's recap.  Wanted donuts.  Famous, delicious, pillows of heaven, had a bad health rating... SO...we opt for lousy, pillows of Walmart with a GOOD health rating and spend the weekend with food poisoning!

Dear Alanis,
Rain on your wedding day?  Not Ironic.  Food poisoning from the "A" rated donuts you got because the ones you wanted had a "B" rating from the health department? THIS is IRONIC!  Glad I could help!

~Princess CAT

Friday, April 15, 2011

I Wonder...

I wonder what I can do to make up for not blogging yesterday?  I could plead migraine, but that's neither the first nor last time that will happen to me or anyone else.  I have to ask a question because I'm having a bit of problem with something technical in my blog, but I certainly can't ask anything of you, having missed a day...  YET.
So how can I make it up to you?  I can promise to blog twice today.  I just know you'd all be thrilled to read TWO blogs worth of my inane ramblings.  Husband is following this blog.  I find great humour in that, considering he's the one that wants me to stop talking!  We may want to start a side bet on how long his follow lasts.  I warned him that follow or not, he is not off limits.  Poor Husband.  (
How off track is that?  Really is time to figure out how I can make up to you for yesterday.  I have the PERFECT idea!!!  What if I told you that MARLEY LILLY, who makes the very best hats in the world, is helping me welcome everyone to my new blog by giving away the HAT OF YOUR CHOICE!!!!  I think that should more than make up for yesterday ;)
Details on how to order the giveaway to follow.

~Princess CAT

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day Two...

Woohoo!  I have a follower!  Thanks Kaitlin for being the first!  Of course, now that I know that someone is reading this, the pressure to be interesting just got more intense!  LOL.  I feel like I have so much to say and I'm not sure where to begin.  Hmmm...perhaps today I'll hop up on my Bryan Stow soapbox!
I love sports.  Sports rivalries are generally the fun part of the experience of supporting your team!  I am a die-hard, born and raised Eagles fan and I adore my team even tho the fans have thrown snowballs at Santa Claus, have never won a Super Bowl and only been to the Super Bowl twice, and hired Michael Vick as soon as he was allowed to play again.  As an "Iggles" fan, I accept these things...these, and that completely bogus movie "Invincible" about Vince Papale, that, while completely entertaining and starring Marky Mark...was still a bunch of, well...crap.  I point all of this out because I, horror of horrors, married a REDSKINS fan!!!  We're in the same division!  For those of you who do not follow American Football, there's nothing worse!  I continue to threaten him with the guest room whenever our teams play each other.  As for other sports?  We disagree on ALL of them!  It's part of the fun!
And then there was the Dodgers v Giants game.  Let me say, not a Giants' fan as they beat my Phillies in the World Series last year.  But again, all in's a game, people!!!  Or at least that's what Bryan Stow, married paramedic and father of two thought when he donned a Giants shirt and hat and headed to a Giants v Dodgers game a week or so ago.  That was until two Dodger fans saw him and singled him out.  They beat him to within an inch of his life and he remains in a coma.
Where to begin?  Clearly these two fine, upstanding, young gentleman (and Dodger fans) had gone to the game with the intention of cause serious harm (at a minimum) to a Giant's fan.  They had a getaway car waiting...driven by a woman with a small boy in the car with her, setting an excellent example, wouldn't you say?
But it gets worse.  Donations have come flooding in to help with Bryan's medical bills, and hopefully, there will eventually be enough to help his wife and children in the long term, no matter what happens...God forbid!  Who is behind the donations, you ask?  I am, you are, our friends and neighbors are.  Who is NOT?  The LA Dodgers!!!  Don't be fooled, darlings, yes, they "hosted" a drive-thru fundraiser.  I, myself, have participated in a number of these for the American Red Cross.  You pull thru a line in a parking lot and put your donations in a bucket or other receptacle without having to leave your car and said buckets are held by whomever is "hosting" the event.  What they have conveniently kept out of the press is that the Dodgers organization has not donated a penny to Bryan Stow, his family, or his medical bills.
I am beyond horrified that an organization worth easily hundreds of millions of dollars has so little compassion that they have not only not offered a reward of the apprehension of the thugs who put this man in a coma, but they have not offered, nor have any of their players as individuals, one red cent, to do so much as cover this man's medical bills!!

Sorry, I know this wasn't a happy post, but I had to get this off my chest before I exploded!!!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hello World!

So...Here goes nothing!  I guess I'm finally blogging! 
I should probably warn you, I tend to channel my inner James Joyce when I write.  That is to say, I'm very stream of consider yourselves warned.  "Yourselves."  That seems like such a strange thing to say since I doubt if anyone will ever even read mean, if I weren't me, which I am, would I?  Could I possibly have anything of value to say to me?  I don't know.  I must have a lot to say because I am always talking...much to Husband's dismay, might I add.  I just don't know that anything I have to say could be all that interesting to anyone else.  What am I saying?  Rubbish!  Of course it is!!!  Every word I utter is sheer genius!  "I mean, hello? Duh, winning!"  I certainly have more to say than that and people seem to think that is important, so maybe people will read this.  Huh...what do you know?
Well, if that's the case, then sorry about the stream of consciousness thing...that's just how this beautiful mind works.  I tend to have opinions on everything, for better or worse...and I'll try to share them with a bit of class, a bit of sass, a little humour, hopefully some inspiration and, with a little effort and a little luck, without being too bitchy.
I have a long way to go to make this blog look pretty and have all the right features.  I also don't know all the blog rules.  Please, feel free to give me any pointers or opinions you feel might be useful.  I'll leave at that for the moment...ohhhhh...except this one more thing...

I am super excited to tell you that I already have a giveaway for you!!!  Be ready, I'll announce what it's going to be on Thursday, and it's going to be very, VERY good!!!

Princess CAT