Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Official 40 Before 40 List

40 Things I Will Do Before I'm 40

I should have started this list long ago...many of the suggestions I've gotten are things I've already done.
Learn to Scuba Dive
See Mt. Rushmore
See a Space Shuttle Launch
Learn to knit
Fight a fire
Go to a Phillies/Flyers/Eagles game/NASCAR race
Be in the paper
Be on the news
Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer!
Become an organ donor
Join the NRA
Swim with sharks (literal and metaphorical)

1:  Hire a housekeeper
2:  Be a "Groomswoman"  (cheater alert...I will be on 11 Aug.)
3:  Start my Post-Grad work
4:  Re-read at least 3 classics
5:  Finally start learning a new language
6:  Volunteer...because you should ALWAYS give back
7:  Not get ANOTHER speeding ticket
8:  Fly from John Wayne Airport (SNA) to Reagan National Airport (DCA)
9:  Visit the Ronald Reagan Foundation and Library
10:  Lay a rose at Ronald Reagan's grave
11:  Lay a rose at John Wayne's grave
12:  Have a better health regimen
13:  Be a better friend
14:  Have a matching pill box and flask...definitely pink, preferably monogrammed
15:  Make Sitch Happen
16:  Have a pink, monogrammed knife (any and all weapons fall under this umbrella)
17:  REALLY clean out my shoe wardrobe (throwing out one pair and calling it day doesn't count)
18:  Purge my house
19:  Spend more time with old...scratch old...longtime friends
20:  Shop (a little) less for things I don't really need
21:  Accept that women of a certain age and station, with the initials CAT, will inevitably be called Kitty
22:  Have tungsten rings engraved at Tiffany's...a la Holly Golightly
23:  Give up trying to explain to people that, in the book "Breakfast at Tiffany's," they're prostitutes...people!!!  Yes, I'm going to let that go...
24:  Clean up my language
25:  Be less judgmental (never going to happen)
26:  Get my Cartier Love Bracelet
27:  Be grateful, every day
28:  Create the perfect pink cocktail
29:  Be a stronger woman
30:  Learn to refinish that gross table in the garage that DH has dragged everywhere since the Colorado School For Wayward Boys
31:  Start taking yoga classes
32:  Learn how to get my car to talk to me (No, I don't read instruction manuals...don't judge me)
33:  Have a better poker face
34:  Learn to play poker
35:  Stop stockpiling things (unless they're on sale or hard to come by)
36:  Finally learn how to use my Kindle Fire
37:  Stop taking things so personally
38:  Clean out my email 
39:  Start a 50 by 50 list
40:  Look much younger than 40!!!

And the list goes on:
1:  Visit the Vatican
2:  Go to the World Cup
3:  Learn to Fly a Plane

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