Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thank You!

Thank you to all of you who  have asked about my friends and family during "Sandy"...which, btw, is a REALLY dumbass name for her a hurricane.  Come on, you're all thinking it...and a few of you are picturing Olivia Newton John...admit it.  I truly appreciate your concern.  Everyone I have been able to reach made it through relatively unscathed, though not all have been able to return to their homes.
I, on behalf of my friends and family, consider myself incredibly lucky to have weathered the storm with so little damage. was a terrible pun...I was too easy to resist.  Moving on...though my family and friends are all doing as well as they can be, so many got it so much worse!  
Here's an example:  My darling Coco Puss lives in Jersey City, at the top of the hill on her street, in the top 2 stories of her brownstone.  She watched as the water moved up the hill and over...the knock at the door was from her downstairs neighbour.  The water was gushing in and easily waist high the last time she accompanied him to check it.  They watched from her window as a tree fell into power lines and caught fire.  They weren't told to evacuate.  However, they were forced to evacuate the following day as they were projected to be without power for at least 5 days.  No updates on her neighbour.  
So as always, I am here to ask you, if at all possible, to donate to the American Red Cross.  If you want your donation to remain local or to go straight to particular area, make out your check to that particular chapter.  For example:  High Desert Red Cross as opposed to American Red cross.  You can also call a particular chapter and donate by credit card.  If you want to volunteer...and please, as I always ask, volunteer whenever you can, call your local chapter before showing up...things can get just the teensiest bit chaotic in the offices during times like these.
On a brighter note, as we head into the holiday season, we head into the holiday review/GIVEAWAY SEASON!!!  I have 3 wonderful holiday giveaways coming up and I can not wait to share them with you.  Nothing like a little gift for yourself whilst shopping for everyone else.  And remember...while you're in a giving mood, the American Red Cross could use a gift, too!


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