Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day???

As was expected, this little Princess was all alone on Valentine's Day.  DH took a jet to Ellsworth AFB, where we lived for 4 and half years, and they had too many meetings to make the flight back.  Does this surprise me?  If you are a milspouse...particularly an aviator's are probably laughing right now.  Being alone on a holiday or going stag to a function aren't new to us. We roll with it...we share a finely honed talent for making the best out of a less than ideal situation.

I found a certain humour in the fact that he was alone on Ellsworth during a holiday, as I have spent so many there myself.  Thinking of Ellsworth and my first holidays alone will always remind me of 9/11.  He was at Nellis that morning and I was alone...we were in our first house.  I don't really feel like stirring up all those emotions...not for myself or for anyone else.  It just jumped in my head when I realized that this time, DH was there alone on a holiday.

I asked him to go and take a picture of our first real home...
This is what he sent:

I do not like change.


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  1. Sorry honey. Sending you a great big hug now. And most likely a text message.