Friday, June 8, 2012

You Need to Read This

I originally posted this as a facebook status...but I feel like that's not enough.  People need to be aware...
"Time for a little reality check:
Statistically, there are 10 suicide attempts for every 1 suicide.
Our servicemen are committing suicide at the rate of nearly 1 per day.
That's about 70 servicemen attempting suicide per week.
How many is enough?
Meanwhile, in Post-Cold War news, Putin has provided free travel for Russians with Euro 2012 tickets.
Just something to think about..."
Last night, DH read an article that said our servicemen are killing themselves at a rate of nearly one a day.  I was mortified!  So today, I did a little research on the matter and I thought I'd share.  The estimates I have provided are on the conservative side and are the highest in history to include Vietnam.
Then I was minding my own business (read:  screaming at my TV) watching the Czech v Russia match of Euro 2012.  I thought surely I'd been mistaken about what I had just heard...Russia...the FORMER Super Power was providing free travel to all it's citizens with match tickets?!?  Sure enough...a little research and it's true.
Make of this what you will...all I know is, my beloved Ronald Reagan is not resting in peace today.

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  1. PTSD is such a serious problem yet it is still somewhat taboo. I love what the wounded warrior projects are doing and trying to get help for these service members. But it still seems just not enough. I agree RR is rolling over in his grave!