Friday, March 23, 2012

Mullet Hunting (part 1)

In my family, mullet hunting has become something of a sport.

Well...mullet hunting is a bit too specific...though one does get extra points for mullets...and level of risk...but let's not jump ahead.  

If people choose to leave their homes looking a hot mess...I feel obligated...nay...I feel the MORAL DUTY to do my very best to snap their picture and share it so that no one else might ever think it's ok!'s just funny as hell.

Case in point:

 Just a few to give you an idea.  These pictures, you should know, have been taken over the span of many years and in multiple locations from coast to coast.

I have found, that one of the very best places to find these people, is a NASCAR race.  Some of you love NASCAR and some of you just rolled your eyes when you saw the word.  I, too, was one of the many who thought it was nothing but rednecks turning left.  But, my friends?  I am here to tell is soooo much more!!!  Once I actually went to my first race?  I was hooked!  
It's a circus, people!  I have never seen anything like it!  Pre-race, there is a concert or two, displays and booths of everything you can imagine...times 10!  Want to join the US Border Patrol?  Go to a NASCAR race!  You can meet agents, play with their can get an application!!!  Want to try that new soda?  I guarantee you, someone is walking around, handing out samples.  A fun, frozen, drink more your style?  You can find nice people that will swirl the mango flavour with some other pink flavour because you just can't make up your mind between the 2 shades of pink!  Take your drink, pop your collar, twirl your pearls, find a seat and watch the people go by!  You will be amazed!!!
You're not the only one in pearls!  As ticket prices range from about $35 to well over $400...and I'm not talking boxes here, I'm talking regular seating...the financial demographic is all over the map!!!  It's not at all unheard-of to go to brunch at the Club and then head straight to the track.  Forbes magazine has named it the "America's Fastest Growing Sport".  There's a reason.  Though ticket buyers may not share a neighborhood, they do, generally, share 2 things.
NASCAR fans tend to be Patriotic and have Faith in whomever their God may be.  I'm not suggesting anyone have Jr.'re NASCAR's version of the UK's Football Hooligans and you KNOW it (no, not all of you, so give me a break)...over for dinner, I'm simply saying, if you've never would be amazed!

Moving right along, this...shall we say...diverse group includes the best mullets and most frightening attire I have ever seen!  That said, fan or not, grab your camera and get thee to a race!

As I said, these pictures can be extremely difficult to take and occasionally dangerous.  Start your way up.

Please notice the woman in the blue seat...with a cheap sports-bra on over a dirty wife-beater!
What's with the ducks?  All in good time, my pretties. All in good time...

These next 2 are from my most dangerous and most awesome find...EVER!  This is not for beginners!  My friends...I would like to introduce you to an incredibly rare and very dangerous creature...mostly the stuff of lore since the mid-80s...

Beware the fe-mullet! She is an incredibly fierce and aggressive creature prone to fits of rage.
That said, you will be happy to know...
There is someone for everyone...and for the fe-mullet?  A yeti.

For now...I'll leave you with that.
But tomorrow?  NASCAR the Preppy Pink Princess way...
A MARLEY LILLY giveaway...
And an introduction to my dear friend, Cooter the Duck!


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