Thursday, May 19, 2011

Is Nothing Sacred?!?

I know I promised to finally do my "Getting to Know Me" post today...and last week...but things got crazy with Husband's work...thus the absence of posts...and today, well, I will write it, but first, I really just need to rant for a minute...I figure I'm entitled (apparently I have "entitlement issues,' but that is best saved for another post) since it's my blog and I can do whatever I damn well please here...evidently to include behaving so childishly as to say "it's my blog and I can!"  I'm such a charmer...HA!

So anyway...I'm at the gym this morning and the news ticker at the bottom of the screen flashes "Mickey & Minnie arrested in front of Disney HQ."  I was taking a drink at the time whilst on the runny thingie and listening to my Kindle...this is FAR MORE than I have any business attempting at one time, BTW, and when I see this on the ticker, I end up covered in smartwater!  Speaking of smartwater...I miss fruitwater, back before they tried to sweeten it and then did away with it all together in favour of vitaminwater...especially the watermelon...OMG...soooo good!  Great, now I've made myself sad :(  Back to the, I don't know what the runny thingie is called, I believe "runny thingie" is, in fact, the technical term.  So I stare at the muted TV as if I can read lips, and have totally convinced myself that I will know when they start talking about it and be able to ask the trainers to turn it up.  This did not happen.  I'm pretty sure it was because they never commented on it, and not because I can't read lips.  Naturally the second I got off the runny thingie, I'm sprinting for my iPhone to google Mickey & Minnie.  And here's where it all sort of goes off the rails in my beautiful mind.

I don't know which group of crazies think the Rapture starts on Saturday, but I'm betting on not so much!  What?  Calling them "crazies" is insensitive?  I'll draw your attention to the "it's my blog" rule.  Rest assured that unless I happen to BE the crazy with Doomsday Prophecy and bunker, I will always side with the FBI, ATF, and any other sets of initials I deem appropriate.On that note, for anyone looking to join, "Cult Leader," totally on my bucket list, but I I hear people talking about the world ending in 5 months while I'm googling Mickey & Minnie's arrest, and to be helpful, "'cause that's how I roll," I offer that they shouldn't worry if nothing happens Saturday because there's always that 2012 silliness.  I'm nothing if not helpful, you see.  When I see the article about why Mickey Mouse was arrested whilst hearing people blather on about the end of the can only take so much stupid at one time!!!

I get that going green is "in"...yes, yes, it's the responsible thing to do, save the planet...blah, blah, blah...but seriously?  It's the end of the day, lots of people are all about "saving the earth" because some celeb somewhere is driving a dumbass Prius!  Why do the celebs care?  Because it's a cause they can take up that makes them look caring and sensitive that's not too icky.  Some of you may think I'm wrong, you're entitled, but I'm right...and some of you have never really given the matter any thought and are thinking I make an interesting point.  It's a whole new world in my head, people...buckle up!  Ha!  As it happens, Mr & Mrs Treehugger found out that...horrors...ONE of the fibers that goes into the making of SOME of the paper for SOME of the children's books Disney publishes is made from a tree in an endangered Indonesian rain forest.  The very BEST way Sir and Ma'am Genius could come up with to stop this appalling travesty RIGHT. THIS. MINUTE. was to chain themselves to the front gates of Disney's Headquarters!  Look...I don't mean to sound cavalier...yes, I do...I'm all for saving the planet...within reason.  I buy organic, use the weird looking light bulbs, try to use my refillable water bottles most of the time, recycle (mostly), sort of care about gas know...and stuff...but dress as Minnie Mouse and chain myself to a gate to take a stand for a tree halfway around the world?  Who are we kidding?!?  You got your 15 minutes...go home.  Your little stunt in no way helped your tree...but it got you on the news and in the papers and we all know that's what you really wanted.   

And that brings us here...with my grasp on reality becoming ever more I try to make sense of this.  The Rapture is Saturday...IF you believe the crazy guy, who, BTW, made the same prediction 15-20 years ago and I guess we can all see how accurate he was that time...and for those expecting to be saved on Saturday, I hear there are a bunch of atheist's groups that are offering pet can not make this stuff up...and if you're not saved on Saturday then the End of the World is in 5 months.  Or...the End of the World is December of 2012.  This is assuming, of course, that the end is coming and God has chosen to communicate this to us through a series of raving lunatics.  I don't know about you, but I like my odds.  Still...if it is coming...and it seems to me, that on some level, a nut is nut, and under a different set of circumstances the tree people could just as easily have ended up the Doomsday people, and perhaps it's a predisposition to that sort of belief/blind faith/obsession that drives them all...maybe it's just a matter of which leader or cause gets to them first.  So if it is...WOW...this has been a LOT of blather to come to a point...for what are we saving the world?!?

Seriously!!!  If it's the End of the World anyway, who gives a damn about a tree? 

Reasonable question, isn't it?

Free Mickey Mouse!



  1. Wow! You are definitely related to Kate and Joan.

  2. ROFL! That was a really long post for such a simple point! All I can say is Amen!

  3. Free Mickey indeed! Now excuse me as I hop into my fuel hogger Expedition and roar off to run errands! XOXOXO