Monday, May 2, 2011

What Happens Next?

Wow...just Wow!

I started a blog on the wedding and couldn't quite put all my thoughts into didn't seem right to go on about the fact that I MY wedding 12 and half years ago already had:

White on white fashion
   Lovely bride's maids in ivory simple ivory satin columns 
   Portrait collar to a deep V on my long sleeved gown
A groom in uniform
A wild ginger best man
A flyover
   We were on an Air Force Base, but the planes flying overhead still count

It's not that I mind...but she could have asked...LOL.  It reminded me so much of my wedding and how long ago it was and how many marriages end in divorce...and made me so happy for me, and so in a rush for Husband to get home from work, and so sad for so many others...and then...soooo wrapped up in the irony and I couldn't stop wondering must have been going thru Kate's head and I tried to put myself in her shoes.  It went something like this:

"Ok, so I really love him, and I get to be Royal and a Queen someday and that's all really awesome...but...well, check out this's really quite pretty isn't...oh dear, this church...nonononono...wait, Kate...think about this...quickly now...he's going to be King....this's the Church of England...a King started he could get divorced...and then he beheaded another one anyway...oh dear...what to do...fairytale crumbling...keep smiling...look happy..."  What happens next?

Still, it was a lovely wedding and a much needed break for a lot of us from all of the devastating news surrounding the tornadoes.  I still get chills thinking about the time we spent unable to locate me SIL and nephew in Tuscaloosa...still thanking God that they and their home were spared, when those two blocks away weren't nearly so lucky!  Such destruction in that storms wake...more wild fires in Texas...Japan's earthquake and Tsunami not so long ago...hurricane season approaching fast...what happens next?

And then of course, there was last night's news...Osama bin Laden is dead!  Hooray...right?  Sort of...yes?  I think so.  Certainly there's something to be said for that little bit of closure that we all get, especially the 9/11 families, by having that figurehead, that one man we all hold accountable, PAY.  But that's just it...he's a figurehead...he's one man.  And closure is nice, but what has it changed?  We feel warm and fuzzy for a few minutes and maybe some of us felt a little safer when our heads hit the pillow last night, but then we woke up this morning...and now what?  Maybe they'll want to retaliate for his death...maybe not.  Maybe someone else will want to step forward as a leader.  What happens next?

It all happened in less than a week and suddenly things seem so very different and I just can't help but keep asking myself...what happens next?  For better or worse, the world seems so full of possibilities...what happens next?

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  1. Ohmyword. You are too silly sometimes! Just how did you get inside HRH's head?? LOVE it. XX