Monday, July 25, 2011

40 Things To Do Before 40 part 1

I recently saw a friend's blog with a list of the 40 things she wanted to do before she was 40.  She is 2 years younger than me and already had some things crossed I thought...I should just make a list of 1 thing I wanted to do before 40 and resort back to threatening to hurl myself off my roof again.  No one ever seems to take this threat seriously...I'm thinking I've narrowed down some possible reasons why:

1:  This is the desert...most houses and buildings are single story here.  I'd likely only be injured.
2:  I have a pool, so a soft landing is reasonably assured.
3:  If I were to kill myself, be serious, people...would I make myself ugly in the process?  I think not!
4:  I don't know how to get up on the roof.

And the biggie:

5:  No one in Heathers killed themselves that way!

Soooo...I guess it's time for me to start that list.  I'm open to suggestions!

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