Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Monday Manifesto turns Wicked Wednesday

Welcome back!  Enough pleasantries...where were we?  Ahhhh...yes...we were comparing tuition at a few different schools...and the in state/out of state tuition for UCLAOut of state tuition at UCLA is more than 3 TIMES in state tuition...and it is this reduced rate that is now offered to Illegal Aliens as well! 

Let me get this straight...a person can enter this country illegally, live here illegally, and as, what, a REWARD for having eluded Border Patrol, are given in state tuition to the public colleges and universities in California?  A student from just across the California border in Nevada has to pay 3 TIMES what a student from just across the California border in Mexico pays???  Ohhhh...but wait, that only applies if the Mexican student is here illegally...if that same Mexican student is here on a student visa, following all the rules, he's charged out of state tuition...3 times that of what the illegal immigrants now pay!

In order for me, a US citizen by birth, to qualify for California's in state tuition, I have to do 3 things:
1:  Establish Physical Presence.  I would have to be able to prove that for the last 366 days minimum I have, not just had an address, but have physically resided here, as well.  
Buy a house, rent an in it.
2:  Demonstrate Intent.  I must prove to the state, legally, for at least the previous 366 days, that I intend to make/have made California my home.
Change your driver's license, voter registration...the more legal ties the better!
3:  Financial Independence/Ability to Pay.  Self explanatory...important to note that parents or other relatives finances can only be considered if they live in California.

So an American citizen has to live in California for over a year in order to be eligible for in state tuition or pay out of state tuition.  A foreign national has to pay out of state tuition.  But an illegal alien?  In state tuition.  And yes, I know that lots of people would argue that with higher education these people would perhaps better themselves or their families...become productive members of American society...and that is great!  But, it's not my responsibility, or any of yours, to pay for it!  We are already paying Boarder Patrol, INS, not to mention all the people that work in social services!  And speaking of the social services, 71% of illegal immigrants households nationally, receive some form of government California...79%!!!  79% are on welfare AND we are giving them in state tuition...and they are here illegally!!!

Trying to keep this one a bit shorter for you guys...but I would be doing you a disservice if I left the icing off this cake.  Tuition is being increased overall because California and it's public colleges are broke.  79% of illegal immigrants in California receive welfare.  Did I mention California is broke?  And here comes your icing...the same day this part of the Dream Act was signed?  The one that lets illegal immigrants potentially take spots away from out of state students that could have paid full tuition?  

That same day, California borrowed $5.4B from private investors because the state is sooooo broke that it was about to default to the federal government!

Dear California,
Perhaps you should stop spending all that money you don't have on people who are BREAKING the LAW!  It might just save you a couple of bucks!



  1. Oh girl I feel ya. Well, not the California thing but the whole America thing. Being in Germany makes me feel like the U.S. has it all wrong. Germany recovered from the massive PR disaster we like to call WWII and has way better government set up than we do. Free school? Healthcare? Ya...

  2. Amen sister! Time to quit footing their bills and give more to those who are citizens and need the help. We wouldn't have such a high unemployment rate if legals could get jobs eaten up by illegals who don't pay taxes and get stuff.