Friday, April 15, 2011

I Wonder...

I wonder what I can do to make up for not blogging yesterday?  I could plead migraine, but that's neither the first nor last time that will happen to me or anyone else.  I have to ask a question because I'm having a bit of problem with something technical in my blog, but I certainly can't ask anything of you, having missed a day...  YET.
So how can I make it up to you?  I can promise to blog twice today.  I just know you'd all be thrilled to read TWO blogs worth of my inane ramblings.  Husband is following this blog.  I find great humour in that, considering he's the one that wants me to stop talking!  We may want to start a side bet on how long his follow lasts.  I warned him that follow or not, he is not off limits.  Poor Husband.  (
How off track is that?  Really is time to figure out how I can make up to you for yesterday.  I have the PERFECT idea!!!  What if I told you that MARLEY LILLY, who makes the very best hats in the world, is helping me welcome everyone to my new blog by giving away the HAT OF YOUR CHOICE!!!!  I think that should more than make up for yesterday ;)
Details on how to order the giveaway to follow.

~Princess CAT

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  1. Blogging everyday is hard. I know I have a lot of trouble with. I mean do people really care that I have eaten an entire of reece's cups? probably not, but there may be that one person that relates, so my work is done. Ugh what is this ramble comment about. Your free thought thinking on your blog is contagious!